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Evaly delivers super shop Shwapno’s product to 0.4m families

Evaly delivers super shop Shwapno’s product to 0.4m families

Dhaka: Country’s top e-commerce marketplace evaly.com.bd has delivered the products of ' Shwapno' Super Shop to at least four lakh families in the country. These customers of Evaly, located in the capital Dhaka and outside Dhaka, bought the fish, meat, and other grocery products of 'Shwapno' and received them at-home delivery. This information was revealed by the sources of 'Shwapno' and 'Evaly'.

The two companies have said that they started working together in May last year with the goal of making it easier for people to order their daily essentials online at home during the Corona period.

Mohammad Rassel, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Evaly, said "We started working together to ensure about the health of its customers and to ensure that customers can safely access their daily necessities at home during the corona period. We have successfully delivered the products of ‘Shwapno’ Super Shop to four lakh families and we hope that we will continue to work together for the expansion of e-commerce in the future”.

Mentioning that 'Evaly' and 'Shwapno' will work together with the aim of making the daily life of the customers easier, Sohel Tanvir Khan, Business Director, 'Shwapno' Super Shop, said, "We are very happy that through Evaly we have been able to reach our products to four lakh families. Customers can order our products at home and get delivery at home. We hope that customers will no longer have to go out of the house for their daily necessities. They will order all the products of 'Shwapno' Super Shop at Evaly."


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