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Go Zayaan: The answer to every travelling issue

| Updated: January 16, 2022 09:46:26

Go Zayaan: The answer to every travelling issue

Bangladesh has shown promise to embrace technology gracefully in recent times. Of the organisations that have been born in the era of digitisation, Go Zayaan has done wonders in revolutionising the travel and tourism industry.

Since its inception in 2017, Go Zayaan has worked at being the one-stop solution to every need of a domestic or an international traveller.

Go Zayaan is where technology meets the need for travelling. People can go to the website, gozayaan.com or download the Go Zayaan app from the play store, and book flights, hotels, buses, and so on; all in one platform.

All in one

By simply putting the destination, travel dates, and passenger numbers, anybody can book a flight, bus to the expected destination and book a hotel of their choice.

“I heard about Go Zayaan from my cousin and decided to use it for my trip to Cox’s Bazar last November,” said Shadman Hossain Nafi, an MBA student at the Institute of Business Administration (DU).

“I could easily compare the prices of the hotels, search for hotels in different points of Cox’s Bazar, and complete payment. I compared over 30 hotels and completed the entire process in just 10 minutes.”

Compare prices

Usually, people do not have the option to compare prices of different hotels without calling the hotel authorities for the umpteenth time, creating a big hassle. Go Zayaan has brought out an efficient solution to this problem. The service allows its users to compare the prices and services of different hotels.

As a result, instead of searching for different hotels in an area and calling them for prices for different rooms and services, users can simply scroll through their options and choose the one they prefer. This feature of Go Zayaan has made way for travellers to select the option that they are looking for.

Price and service comparison is one of the many services that Go Zayaan provides. One of the most common terminologies that revolve around the youth during their vacations is a tour. Many look for opportunities to have a good time with friends and family in an exotic place.

However, getting a satisfactory and financially sound tourist package is not a piece of cake. Cutting a good deal with travel agencies is not a sight that is commonly seen either.

That is where Go Zayaan enters the scene. Go Zayaan’s tour packages can enable users to select the trip package of their choice to the destination they want. In addition to comparing the prices of different tour packages, users can put additional filters, such as kid-friendly, entertainment packages, long drives, honeymoons etc.

Seamless booking

With so many options to choose from, users can pick the one that fulfils their quench for travelling the most. Needless to say, Go Zayaan is going to extreme lengths so that the users’ expectations of a tour is identical to reality.

“When I arrived at my hotel that's booked via Go Zayaan, I did not have to spend much time at the lobby,” added Nafi. “The serial number from my email and the ticket confirmation on my phone were enough to get me the keys to my room. It was that simple”

Go Zayaan does not just make the booking process convenient. That sense of comfort persists from the first click of booking till the return trip home. Travellers do not have to wait for ages in hotel lobby’s couches for their rooms’ as just the softcopy of the ticket confirmation and the serial number grant them access to their booked rooms.

In addition to the room bookings, the details of the planned activities as part of the tour packages can also be tracked via Go Zayaan.

Flight booking on a different level

Go Zayaan is constantly working on increasing the autonomy of their passengers by giving them the flexibility to choose their own airline seats. Currently, travellers can see the seat map and choose their desired seats on a user-friendly interface. This is the very first time in Bangladesh where customers are allowed to choose their seats on an international flight through an online travel agency.

In addition to such convenience, Go Zayaan also helps customers to calculate the additional charges they may need to face for extra baggage. This addition to the services will certainly help the passengers prepare better for their journeys.

With so many great services already in place, Go Zayaan has introduced a programme for organisations looking for a business package.

The introduction of the ‘Go Biz’ programme for the corporate clientele serves that purpose. This very service is not just limited to the usual services. As part of the Go Biz program, companies can enjoy a fully automated holistic travelling experience paired with premium services, courtesy of Go Zayaan.

“I use Booking.com regularly to book international flights. To witness Go Zayaan, a Bangladeshi platform, has developed such a user-friendly and almost as good as Booking.com was a matter of pride for me,” said an elated Nafi.

In addition to technological limitations, Go Zayaan is taking on every possible obstacle that one can face while travelling.

Travel loan

One of the most common issues that come up while travelling is the issue of cost. Often people cannot explore new horizons for being a little short on cash. However, gone are the days when money was an issue that stood between a travel enthusiast and an adventure.

Go Zayaan is the first-ever travel booking platform in Bangladesh to introduce “Travel Loan,” which is powered by IPDC. With the help of this innovative opportunity, one can avail up to BDT 200,000 of Travel Loan, that too with 0% EMI up to 6 months. Go Zayaan has also included travel insurance among its plethora of services. By prioritizing the safety and security of the users, Go Zayaan has certainly kept in alignment with the saying “Customer is king.”

Go Zayaan is not just your typical travel booking website. If its diversified services are any indication, it is a one-stop place for any and all kinds of travel issues.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak in place, Go Zayaan has acquired partnerships with several government-approved labs as part of the “GoSafe” programme so that the users can book a slot for their COVID-19 test sample collections.

With so much attention to detail, an online service comparable to international ones, and new services just to ensure a safe, secure and fun journey, Go Zayaan will certainly go the distance in taking the travel industry by storm.

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