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NBR to accept e-notification as treasury chalan

| Updated: July 17, 2020 09:55:38

NBR to accept e-notification as treasury chalan

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) will now allow the electronic notification of Integrated VAT Administration System (IVAS) on payment of taxes as a substitute for treasury chalan.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) wing of the board issued an order in this regard on Tuesday, asking all the field-level VAT officials to accept the electronic notification as treasury chalan.

The order was issued as per section 118 ka of the VAT and Supplementary Duty rules.

As per the order, the VAT officials will allow the furnished electronic notification relating to tax payment as substitute for treasury chalan.

They will verify the number of chalan, date, code of commissioner ate concerned and amount of deposited VAT, cross-checking with the online system of the Controller General of Account (CGA).

The NBR order said the VAT Online Project (VOP) has developed the e-payment module aiming to introduce an automated tax system and help taxpayers pay their taxes online.

Using the system, the taxpayers will be able to pay tax from anywhere of the country at low cost, the order said.

Officials said the e-payment module is scheduled to be launched at NBR on Thursday for clients of three banks.


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