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Project to help haor fishermen reach out to consumers in city

Talha Bin Habib | Published: July 21, 2019 11:24:26 | Updated: July 22, 2019 16:56:10

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

For the first time in the country's history, fishermen in haor areas will be able to sell their fishes directly to the consumers in the capital.

Both fishermen and consumers are going to benefit from the direct trading in fishes at a directive of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The PM during her visit to the haor areas on November 2 last directed the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock (MoFL) to take measures for proper marketing of fishes produced in haor areas so that the fishermen's livelihood improves.

Following the PM's directive, the MoFL undertook a project to build fisheries landing stations with modern facilities in haor areas.

The project is aimed at proper preservation and marketing of fishes netted at the haor areas.

The haor areas are located in the north and north-eastern parts of the country.

The landing stations are at Mohanganj in Netrakona, Bhoirab in Kishoreganj and Wagekhalighat in Sunamganj.

Of the three, the Mohanganj landing station is now ready for functioning.

The fisheries sector plays an important role in the country's economy.

Haor fisheries have a great impact on the livelihood of the fisherman and meet the nutritional requirement of the common people.

Fishes of 46 species/varieties are being found in the haor areas.

The fisheries sector's contribution to the national gross domestic product (GDP) is 3.69 per cent, according to the Department of Fisheries.

The Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation (BFDC), which is under the MoFL, is assisting the fishermen of haor areas in proper marketing of fishes.

Initially the BFDC would provide three freezer vans to the fishermen for smooth transportation of fishes from the Mohanganj centre, an official of the organisation told the FE.

"The government will provide three freezer vans on Sunday (today) to help the fishermen in smooth and fastest transportation of fishes," project director Muhammad Khurshid Alam told the FE.

He said the state minister for fisheries and livestock Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru would press into service the freezer vans in the capital on the day.


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