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TCB receives state guarantees to procure essentials for subsidised sales

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The government has issued four state guarantees to the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) to help it procure some key essentials like edible oil, sugar and lentil.

The guarantees will be effective for one year from the date of their issuance.

Some 0.6 million litres of soybean oil, 6,000 tonnes of sugar and 2,000 tonnes of lentils will be procured to run the TCB's Open Market Sale (OMS) programme under these guarantees from the domestic source, said an official.

The Finance Division under the Ministry of Finance has recently granted necessary permission in this regard.

The guarantees have been issued in favour of Sonali Bank on its Loan against Trust Receipt (LTR).

A realistic trading plan will have to be submitted to the Finance Division aiming to keep the essential market stable alongside improving the agency's financial situation.

The TCB will have to ensure transparency and accountability to get competitive prices in purchasing the essential products.

It will also have to properly follow the existing procurement law and regulations in this regard.

The state entity will update the division on the status of arrears within seven days every month.

It will submit a detailed plan on paying earlier loans and meeting its trade gaps, according to the division.

Currently, the TCB is operating an OMS programme throughout the year due to the Covid-19 situation to make prices available at affordable prices across the country.

The OMS will be continued for rationing essential items in different parts of the country in future using trucks in Dhaka, Chattogram, divisional cities and district towns.

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