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A cat with sixth sense!

| Updated: October 19, 2017 14:45:04

A cat with sixth sense!
Rags-to-riches stories are no monopoly to fairy tales. Almost two-thirds of the world's 946 billionaires have indeed relied on their financial acumen, perseverance and sense of purpose to acquire wealth from scratch. Some however hit jackpots in lotteries to become millionaires but not billionaires. 
Riches apart, fortunes smile on the poor, the neglected and the wretched -- at times quite unexpectedly. Again, such turn of situation does not transform life in fictions alone; they actually happen in real life. Sometimes it works as a coincidence. Like a miracle when the sky seems about to be falling on one's head, the right persons are present at the right places and in right time to rescue the broken and miserable heart. Incidents like this are not many but they are not rare too. The Midas touch makes all the difference in a person's life. 
All this happens in the human world, what about the world of animals which, scientific studies have proved, are capable of expressing their passions and emotions but on a low key? If the cat that ran for its life from a dog attack at secretariat to climb a tree where it came under further attacks from crows and had to be rescued by the fire brigade is any instance, then lady luck has indeed been kind to the poor creature. 
The stray feline has found a famous host in agriculture minister Matia Chowdhury. Her driver, who called the fire brigade, brought her attention to the miserable animal unwilling to part company with him after its rescue. The minister ordered him to pick up the cat in the car and take it home. Now the cat has been enjoying all the cosy comfort in the ministerial abode. If reports are not exaggerated, the pussy has learnt within a short time the manner, if not etiquette, equal to the privileged place. It has also got a name for it, 'Felu' that is. 
That Felu is behaving himself (or herself?), is indication enough of its ability to adapt itself to the new environment. But more importantly, how the feline could rightly recognise the man who actually noticed the danger it was in and alerted the fire brigade to come to its rescue! Do some cats also have their sixth sense like humans? True, cats and dogs are reported to save lives of members of their masters' families when houses or apartments catch fire but those members are asleep. Even when snakes, other animals or even enemies are about to attack their masters, they come to their rescue. 
All this proves that the animals are most faithful to their masters and they are highly enthusiastic to express their allegiance. But this cat has proved something extraordinary by following the man who was instrumental in saving its life. All lives are unique in their own ways; only some are more unique than others. This cat might be one belonging to the second category. After what it has suffered, it deserves the kind of treatment it is receiving in the minister's house.

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