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Child abuse begins at home

| Updated: October 24, 2017 12:34:32

Child abuse begins at home

IT is our responsibility to give children a better childhood and this responsibility mostly lies with parents and other members of a family. It is very unfortunate that most children are unsafe in their homes as most parents in the country do not have proper knowledge on how to bring up a child. Most parents in our country tend to punish a child physically and mentally to bring him/her to the so-called right path which leaves a serious impact on the psychology of a child.
As a result, these children mostly lack confidence when grow up and are usually afraid of facing problems. Parents are normally unwilling to talk to their children, particularly girl children about their problems and prefer to handle them in their own way. This impedes the mental growth of a child and obstructs personality development. Parents in most cases do not attach importance and treat lightly on consideration that they are mere children and do not understand many things of life. This is how children lose their self-respect and confidence as they grow up. This is very alarming for all of us. I think in this age of phenomenal scientific development, parents should change their attitude towards children to ensure a better future for them.
Akram Hossen
[email protected]

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