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Essentials of the Qur\'an for Muslims

| Updated: October 18, 2017 05:00:35

Essentials of the Qur\'an for Muslims
Essentials of the Qur'an for Muslims, authored by Barrister Salauddin Ahmed, is yet another seminal publication in the broad spectrum of Islam.
In the present book, the author has covered the very essentials of the Qur'an which a Muslim needs to know to lead a life within the proper boundary of the life in this world and prepare him for the eternal life in the hereafter which he hopes would be blissful. The author has discussed all the important topics of the Qur'an within the compact of 14 chapters covering 323 pages. The first two chapters have been devoted to Allah dealing with His majesty and generosity. Three chapters deal with the fundamentals of Islam, the rituals of Islam and people who are on the wrong path. Two chapters deal with family, character and social dimensions of Muslims. Two chapters deal with family wealth, poverty, zakat, business dealings, law and order. Two chapters deal with worldly life, evil deeds, sins, repentance and forgiveness from Allah. The last chapter concludes with the Akhirah, Qiyamah Yawmud din, Jannat and Jahannam.
I am pretty confident that the Islamic scholars and the readers in general will find the present work useful bearing on the important issues faced by Muslims to conduct their lives in the present world and acquainting them with the issues they will face on the Day of Judgment. It is very important to bear in mind that ultimately it is the individual responsibility to discharge one's duties as the obedient servant of Allah to please Him to make his life smooth and easy in this world and hope to enter under His mercy in the world of eternity to come. The book may inspire one to work to create confidence in his own abilities and build up sincere efforts required from a true Muslim.
As one who has been privileged to review his books, I must say that his coinage of words and construction of precision sentences that attend such elevated work are reflective of his over-arching concern not to deflect from source-narrative.
The book in hand has been presented in a brilliantly simple, lucid and unaffected way that can be readily accessed and absorbed. Critical acclaim for his latest title is nothing short of glowing. Surely when such a book graces your bookshelf, it indeed gains a presence beyond generations.
As the author draws curtain of his writing career spanning over a decade, his reader across borders acknowledge with gratitude the job he had undertaken so painstakingly to enrich the wealth of work on Islam in general and the Qur'an in particular.
Barrister Salauddin Ahmed is a well-known author on Islam and the Qur'an in particular due to the number of his publications published from London, New Delhi and Kuala Lumpur over more than a decade. His publishers include Hurst of London, APH Publishers of New Delhi and Noordeen of Kuala Lumpur. Two of his books have been listed in the Google Books available for viewing in the Internet. The publishers of the present book have previously published two of his books and brought out the Indian editions of four of his books. His Islamic Banking Finance and Insurance: A Global Overview of over 600 pages underwent for a reprint.
The book has been beautifully printed this year 2016 with 323 pages by the well-known Indian publisher APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi; price Indian Rs 295. The book is available for purchase online from the publishers. The book will be a delightful acquisition for both scholars and general readers.

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