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Imposing a small fee for recruitment tests for bank jobs  

| Updated: October 24, 2017 09:03:56

Imposing a small fee for recruitment tests for bank jobs   

Registration fee for recruitment tests for bank jobs has been free since 2015 which proved a blessing for the job seekers. But unfortunately the system encouraged the bank authorities to follow an unofficial process of "short listing" of the candidates. To be more exact, for recruitment exams organized by particularly the private banks, short-listing system turned into a regular practice overnight as a result of which only limited number of candidates could sit for the exams and thousand others are denied of the opportunity to sit for the tests. On the other hand, there are no registration fees, number of applicants applying for bank jobs is normally very high and it becomes difficult for a private bank to handle a recruitment test for such a huge number of applicants. Had there been a certain fee for appearing at private bank recruitment tests, short-listing system would have disappeared. I would like to request the Bangladesh Bankers' Selection Committee (BBSC) authorities to set a certain amount of charge as registration fee of recruitment tests held by the private banks so that nobody misses a chance to sit for such exams.

Hasan Ul Banna

Post graduate student,

Dept. of Economics

Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul

Islam University





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