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Invasion of diabetes  

| Updated: October 25, 2017 05:25:45

Invasion of diabetes   

DIABETES is a disease that occurs when our body cannot properly use and store sugar. When this happens, sugar builds-up in our bloodstream which results in symptoms commonly referred to as high blood sugar. Symptoms of diabetes include frequent thirst, fatigue, increased hunger, abnormal loss of weight, excessive urination and delayed recovery from cuts or wounds.

The number of diabetes patients is near about one million in our country and it is on the rise. In order to prevent it from happening, we need to create awareness among the people so that they can stay away from diabetes. There are many reasons for increased diabetic patients in our society. They include sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, lack of exercise etc. If we bring about a change in our lifestyle, it will influence our overall well-being.

 It is good to know that urban people are gradually becoming conscious of diabetes and I am sure this awareness will play a big role in preventing the disease. Chances of diabetes increase with age. Family history also plays an important part in diabetes. Especially the people who live in urban areas have more chances of being affected by the disease. We are living in an age of communication technology which encourages us to spend hours idly in front of computer and Smartphone and discourages physical activities. We must avoid spending long hours on these gadgets and live an active and healthy life.  All we need is extra care about our intakes, lifestyle and physical workouts.  

Faisal  Hossain

Uttara, Dhaka







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