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Mobile banking  

| Updated: October 25, 2017 05:26:03

Mobile banking   

We need only an ID card or passport copy, one copy of passport-size photo and a mobile phone to open a mobile account. Mobile banking is becoming very popular in our country and it is helping the unbanked population to get the chance of banking.  Credit must go to the banks as they have taken this initiative and brought a revolution in our banking sector. Mobile banking is so easy, customer-friendly and secure that even the rural people are using it - we should say they are the main consumers. It is popular among the people who want to transfer money for business purposes or to their home as sending money through traditional banking is complicated and time-consuming. I am sure we will soon see a cashless society when cash money will be no longer needed and people will transact through their mobile wallet. Mobile is a blessing to the people.  It was very difficult before to communicate from one place to another. Now thanks to mobile technology, communication has become easy, affordable and inexpensive. We see mobile sets in the hands of everyone. Many people have more than one mobile phone with multiple mobile SIMS!

 Mohammed Fahim

Moghbazar Dhaka


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