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Politics for women

| Updated: October 23, 2017 16:45:52

Politics for women

DEVELOPMENT of a country depends on a combination of factors of which politics is one. In fact, politics plays the most crucial role in determining the fate of the people. The importance of politics is highlighted by scholars and think tanks alike. Our country is not an exception where women in greater numbers are joining politics. But overall women are under-represented in governments of most countries in the world even though considerable progress has been achieved in this area. As of January 2017, the global participation rate of women in national parliaments is 23.3 per cent.

Women have made their mark in heading the nation's administration in a number of countries. Our prime minister has been leading our country with reputation. So are other women personalities who are making their mark in different disciplines. The United Nations is also giving proper emphasis on female participation in politics and government.

Through politics, women can get involved with the development agenda of the country. It is high time to prioritise women's involvement in various sectors of the country including politics. 

Sumon  Kumar Paul

Graduate in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Patuakhali  Science & Technology University

[email protected]

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