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Quick snatch and instant disappearance

| Updated: October 22, 2017 19:10:20

Quick snatch and instant disappearance

A few days ago I along with one of my colleagues was returning home. I was driving the motor bike. As we were approaching Mouchak there was a serious traffic jam. I was driving at a snail's pace and after a lengthy wait, the signal turned green and there was a mad rush among the drivers to speed ahead. I too moved forward and suddenly I noticed a man was running behind a small motor van. I mistook him for a van helper and took my eyes off. But I was soon proved wrong when I saw him lifting a packet from the van. Sensing something fishy I shouted at him. He gave me an angry look and before I could decide what to do he just disappeared. The van driver was totally unaware of what happened.

Later when I caught up with the driver of the van at the next traffic signal I told him that someone had stolen a packet from his van. He gave me a puzzled look. The helper who was sitting in the van beside him and talking to someone over his cell phone, rushed to the back of the van to see if anything was missing. Many witnessed the incident but no one was bothered. I was also a bit slow to react. The incident might not have happened if I were a bit more careful. I would therefore request everybody to keep their eyes open when they are on the road and see what is happening around as far as possible. Anybody may become a victim of an untoward incident like this one.

Mohammed Fahim

Moghbazar, Dhaka


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