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Rampant traffic rule violation  

| Updated: October 24, 2017 09:04:02

Rampant traffic rule violation   

VIOLATING traffic rules has become a common practice these days due to lax in enforcing the existing traffic rules which is making our roads unsafe and aggravating traffic situation. It is the crying need of the hour in view of rising number of accidents happening everyday.

Violation of traffic rules has assumed an epidemic proportion leading to a perennial disruption in traffic movement across the country. As a result number of road accidents is mounting although traffic rule violation by drivers is not the only contributing factor. There are other reasons as well including faulty vehicles and inept drivers. A local English daily reported that 57 accidents took place in one night and at one spot which left us wondering about the incidents of traffic rule violations committed on the day.

The traffic police department has always cited lack of manpower as the main reason why they are not being able to penalize the offenders. In my opinion, the concerned authorities should look into the matter and arrange for recruitment of additional manpower if necessary to strengthen the department. This will make it easier for the authorities to enforce traffic rules strictly and make our roads safe. The government may also consider providing more financial support to the traffic police department to acquire modern technology to get hold of the violators.

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