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Save Sundarbans from the plunderers

| Updated: October 24, 2017 09:03:50

Save Sundarbans from the plunderers

The world's largest mangrove forest is losing its natural beauty day by day. More trees are being chopped from the forest. Trees must be saved from being ruthlessly plundered. According to scientists natural disasters occur when the level of carbon dioxide in air increases. Bangladesh is already confronted with a similar situation which is evident from incidents of natural calamities every year. It is imperative that miscreants involved should be identified and severely punished.

Trees not only provide food and oxygen for us they also provide shelter for birds and other animals. If trees are lost, birds and animals will either migrate elsewhere or will be extinct in quick time. In this way, various species of animals will be extinct if they are not protected by trees. Every year, lot of tourists come from abroad to visit the world's largest mangrove  and if trees are plundered this way, the Sundarbans will lose its attraction for the tourists. The Sundarbans is also a world heritage site as recognised by UNESCO. Apart from losing foreign tourists, it will incur further loss in terms of tradition and heritage.

Sumon Kumar Paul

Graduate in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Patuakhali Science & Technology University


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