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Tackling Rohingya cildren's malnutrition

| Updated: October 21, 2017 19:50:55

Tackling Rohingya cildren's malnutrition

ROHINGYA children who have been entering Bangladesh along with their parents suffer from malnutrition, according to reports published in local newspapers. For obvious reasons these children do not get  proper diets with required nutrition value. Different NGOs and other organisations have been offering foods for them, but it is extremely difficult to provide food for  those children regularly.

Over four hundred thousand members of the Rohingya Muslim minority fled from Myanmar's western Rakhine state to Bangladesh to escape a military offensive. They are in the grip of the worst humanitarian crisis as they have been persecuted in their own country over a long period of time.  Bangladesh has given them shelter purely on humanitarian considerations and has been providing them food although we neither have enough space to accommodate the increasing number of Rohingyas nor can we afford to offer food for them. 

More than half of the Rohingya refugees who fled Myanmar are children, including hundreds who travelled without family members, putting them at particular risk in refugee camps in Bangladesh, according to aid workers. They are in a far greater need of assistance in terms of food and medicines. 

Under the circumstances, it has become a moral obligation for countries of the world to come forward to help the Rohingya children. People of Bangladesh expect that nations around the world will do their best to help the displaced Rohingyas particularly their children.

Sumon Kumar Paul

Graduate in Doctor of

Veterinary Medicine

Patuakhali Science &

Technology University


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