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Ukraine crisis dents US's credibility

| Updated: March 09, 2022 23:03:51

Ukraine crisis dents US's credibility

A kind of vigilante role played by the United States-led West in the recent past in different parts of the world, largely ending up in fiascos, has reduced its credibility.  A latest knock from the Ukraine imbroglio leaves it further dented, as is crystal clear from helpless cries of the Ukrainian president.

It's a shame on the UN Security Council, the US, Nato, and the European Union to leave Ukraine to fight Russian aggression all alone, after apparently inciting them by many accounts. To say the least, it's simply betrayal by the US and its military alliance, Nato, in creating the crisis for Ukraine and leaving it alone to fight its powerful neighbour.

America's condemnation of Russia for the aggression thus appears to be pure hypocrisy.

It would take the world centuries to forget the aggression committed by the US and its allies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Haiti, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and of course, in Vietnam. The US did it all in the name of democracy but Russia does not, at least, have democratic pretensions.

And aggression and occupation on the pretext democracy and freedom cannot be sweet or less brutal.

With his long political experience it was wrong for president Joe Biden to describe Russian invasion of Ukraine as 'unprovoked'.

The world saw the truth.

That, however, does not justify the illegal Russian aggression and its use of deadly force against Ukraine, killing an unspecified number of people and forcing many others to flee to Europe creating a new refugee crisis for Europe and leaving the US free from the burden.

Following a summit between US president,Joe Biden, and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in 2021, Russia gave a positive proposal for a new mutual security plan between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation or Nato. Russia had also proposed negotiations to sort out nine of the articles providing a reasonable basis for new security arrangements. A key Russian proposal was to leave Ukraine outside the ambit of Nato.

Now, after evident Inducement for the confrontation, Ukraine's request for intervention is falling on deaf ears of Nato, the US as well as the European Union. Ukraine has been left in the lurch to take the taste of freedom and democracy.

Meanwhile, after the Cold War was over, the Warsaw Pact was dissolved providing a great opportunity for the West to dissolve Nato as well. Instead, the US and its allies opted to expand the Nato unilaterally and thus create security concerns for the Russian Federation.

Nato's membership has nearly doubled from 16 in 1991 to 30 countries, in what appears to be fortifying a unipolar world created through the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw bloc. And the consequences are self-explanatory from the ruins in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Though neither Afghanistan nor Libya is in the North Atlantic realm, the US used Nato in its 20-year war against Afghanistan and in destroying and making Libya a failed state with an unending refugee crisis and chaos across the region.

The West had assured the then Soviet Union in 1991, as part of its agreement to accept the reunification of Germany, that the Nato would not be expanded to closer to Russia beyond the reunited Germany's boundary. US secretary of state James Baker had assured that Nato would not advance 'an inch' beyond the border of reunited Germany.

The pledge of the West remains on paper only, creating a crisis of credibility for itself.

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