UN Security Council needs to be reformed 

UN Security Council needs to be reformed 

The United Nations (UN) is apparently unbalanced in terms of the population of the world since the Security Council of the world body is dominated by the United States, China, Russia and the France Republic and the United Kingdom while the rest ten are the latter's non-permanent members. Incidentally, none from Africa and Asia has the opportunity to become a permanent member of the Security Council. Therefore, this exclusive council of the United Nations remains unbalanced.  

From Africa Nigeria appears to be the largest country while India and Indonesia are the largest two countries from Asia. These three countries should have the right to become permanent members of the Security Council. It is necessary because the main mission of the Security Council apparently is to maintain international peace and security, according to the UN charter. 

Similarly, logically non-permanent members of the Security Council should also be increased. Another glaring example is Mali since the security council has failed to carry out the resolution of the Ecowas (Economic Community of West African States) on the military authorities in Mali since both Russia and China vetoed the resolution submitted by France. Russia and China blocked the resolution from supporting new sanction on Mali on January12, 2022. Both Russia and China are responsible for continuing military rule in Mali. By now Ghana, Kenya and Gabon have spoken of imposing sanctions on Mali. As a result of the veto by China and Russia in the Security Council, military rule in Mali will continue.  

This was the third coup d'etat in 10 years in Mali. Internationally, Mali is isolated since Ecowas at an emergency meeting in Ghana on January 9 this year decided to close their borders, apart from severe diplomatic ties and impose economic sanction. In addition, UN, Ecowas, the EU, USA and African Union issued a joint statement condemning the coup, which means Mali has been isolated in Africa as well. 

Similarly, both China and Russia are continuously supporting the Tatmadaw of Myanmar which prevented repatriation of the evicted Rohingya ethnic minority of Myanmar from Bangladesh. Given the Security Council's failure to act in favour of peace and order, it is suggested that permanent membership of the Security Council be increased to make a balance in the body while veto power abolished. This writer strongly feels the United Nations has in fact become irrelevant since the conflicts in Ukraine, Yemen and Ethiopia could not be stopped simply because of the veto power enjoyed by five members of the world body. It is high time a fresh appraisal of the world body was made. 

Mohammad Amjad Hossain, retired diplomat from Bangladesh and former President Nova Toastmaster International Club of America, writes from Falls Church, Virginia.  

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