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Where is humanity?  

| Updated: October 23, 2017 00:22:54

Where is humanity?   

Rohingya Muslims, the world's largest community rendered 'stateless', lives in Buddhist-dominated Myanmar. They in  large numbers are being forced out from their homes by the Myanmar military. And they are taking refuge in Bangladesh.

One refugee woman said, she had a big house, 10 members of her family lived there, her husband was a village doctor. The military burned their house. When they were fleeing, security forces shot indiscriminately and her husband and son died.

International politics now emphasises on economic benefit rather than humanity. So we find some big and powerful countries of the world are busy to protect and promote their geopolitical and economic interest at the expense of the sufferings of the Rohingyas. This is a shame to world conscience. 


Mahiul Kadir

Executive Director

Hope for the Poorest

[email protected]

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