ICC Bangladesh remembers Latifur Rahman

FE Online Report | Thursday, 13 August 2020

Terming recently passed iconic businessman Latifur Rahman a perfect role model, businesses said Mr Rahman showed how an empire can be created from nothing with honesty and integrity.

Remembering his outstanding contributions to societies and shining the country’s image outside, they called upon young entrepreneurs to follow Mr Latifur's business ethics and practices to take the economy and his legacy further ahead.

The call came at a virtual condolence meeting on Thursday. It was organised by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Bangladesh where the country's leading chambers, trade bodies and associations took part.

ICC Bangladesh president Mahbubur Rahman moderated the condolence meeting followed by a Milad and Doa Mahfil.

Speaking at the event, the country's leading businessman and founding chairman of Apex Group Syed Manzur Elahi said the country lacks enough role models in business area although it is moving towards 50th anniversary of independence.

He said Mr Rahman came from a business family but their business entities -- jute mills and tea garden were nationalised soon after the independence because of the then government policy.

“From there, he literally created an empire from zero at very good cost. He did nothing unethical. I cannot see such a role model like him,” he said.

The veteran business personality called upon young generation to study Mr Latifur's life and do ethical businesses as future of the economy lies on them.