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Fees for recruitment exams

| Updated: October 17, 2017 22:55:15

Fees for recruitment exams
PEOPLE who are unable to land on a proper employment in spite of having required qualification, are generally considered unemployed people. On the other hand, they do not like to accept an employment with low wages and below their level of education. Many educated unemployed youths set their eyes on a government job and therefore the majority of them do not welcome an employment in the private sector. The International Labour Organization (ILO) says at present there are about 30 million unemployed  in Bangladesh. These people have the requisite qualification, but are not being able to get into a job due to multiple reasons. One such reason is a matter of great shame as the employers demand a huge amount from the educated job seekers in exchange for employment. Additionally, the applicants have to pay more than Tk 500 as fees for recruitment exams. 
It is important to note that most of these job seekers who live on private tuitions are unable to manage the application fees and are thus deprived of an opportunity to contest for a job. The recent recruitment process of Non-Government Teachers' Registration & Certification Authority may be cited in this respect. At the beginning the authority demanded Tk 350 as primary application fees and now they demand Tk180 more per head as charges for recommendations to the schools authority. 
Happily the government has allocated 15.53 per cent of present budget to the education sector. We urge upon the Honourable Prime Minister and Education Minister to ensure implementation of unemployment allowance programme which can be the only way out and the policy makers of the country have to ensure it.
A hopeful job seeker, Dhaka

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