We mourn  

Published: August 02, 2018 22:16:52 | Updated: August 04, 2018 22:15:59

The Financial Express is in mourning now. It has lost its guardian angel, its captain, steward and the driving force behind the work ethics he set as a benchmark for his colleagues and others to follow. He is none other than A H M Moazzem Hossain, the founder editor of this newspaper with a difference. The Financial Express is different not only because it deals primarily with economy and business, but also because of its untiring effort for avoiding mistakes. He was passionate about maintaining as much purity of language as possible. His passing away at the age of 73 is not premature but by the standard of a workaholic like him, he deserved to extend his life's journey by a few more years. It is because he has lived a life that is fruitful and richly rewarding. Thus he could have contributed positively to the country's journalism now visibly on the road to decline. No wonder, the pioneer of financial journalism in this country at times expressed his exasperation over the falling standard of journalism -financial and otherwise.

That anyone in his capacity as editor, managing director, publisher and part owner of such a newspaper may cut a figure larger than life but not Moazzem Hossain. An unassuming and suave personality, he could hardly be rude to even to the lowest ranked employees in the office. A man of exceptional probing mind, he felt no compunction and complacence to ask his junior colleagues about usages for confirmation, when in doubt. The lesson he has left for all working for The Financial Express is to be humble. A nice soul, Moazzem Hossain set examples of excellence in a number of areas in his ripe years. His rough biography published following his death does not quite capture the man completely.

His formative years in economic reporting for different newspapers are more or less known to all. But what is less known is his analytical write-ups under the pen name Hossain Khasru for the weekly Holiday between 1973 and 1993 before his assumption of the editorship of The Financial Express. So his move up the professional ladder was based on strong grounds right from the beginning. He could not compromise on things now overlooked randomly.

A man of words and deeds, the late beloved editor of this paper has left a void in financial journalism unlikely to be filled soon. A man of his calibre surely had his life's mission greatly fulfilled. Now is the time to emulate him in his dedication to the profession and his meticulous eye for perfection. The best way of paying homage to the person who has successfully steered the organisation clear off troubled waters is to emulate the virtues he prized so much. His mortal remains will perish but the spirit within will live forever. The staff members of this newspaper have an obligation to cherish his fond memory and pray for salvation of his soul in the world after.

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