EWU students practise branding skills to be better marketers

Nabila Anzum | Published: July 11, 2018 22:37:38 | Updated: July 12, 2018 14:57:05

Participants of the Brand Aid 2018 workshop at East West University listening to Jawaad Bin Hamid, group organisational development manager of Rancon

We associate with brands at relatively every phase of our day. From the minute we wake up, we are being bombarded with logos, commercials, and products, all intended to make our lives simpler yet in addition to influencing us to feel an association with organisations. As the quantity of brands increments, the number of consumers a brand has shrunk. This is bringing down the expected performance of brands. Every brand experiences essential circumstances past a student's imagination who could be the future leader of any brand. To develop the creative ability of the potential leaders, East West University Business Club (EWUBC) has come up with the concept of an intra EWU Business Strategy Competition named 'Brand Aid 2018'. The competition is designed to teach students how to get a brand out of a critical point and generate innovative ideas to resolve the situation of the brand.

About 68 teams comprising more than 200 members enlisted for the competition which is a proof of the eagerness to develop strategic skills among the students. The competition started off with an inauguration ceremony and workshop on June 25, 2018. Jawaad Bin Hamid, group organizational development manager of Rancon, was the keynote speaker of the workshop. He guided the participants on how to solve business problems by sharing his own experiences.

 After the inauguration ceremony and the workshop, the intense battle started. The teams were initially screened out by a preliminary online screening round  in which the teams were given a specific time to solve and submit their solution online. 24 teams qualified for the first round which was the on spot case solving round where they needed to give a solution of the case within the time settled for them and present their ideas in front of expert judging panels consisting corporates around the country.  12 teams qualified to the semifinal round on the basis of their creative ideas they presented in the first round. Among the 24 teams, 12 teams moved forward to the semifinal round. The semifinal round was also an on-spot case solving round. The selected 12 teams were given a case based on a prototype. In this round, the participants had to solve a case on the deficiency of the given prototype. They had to come up with a solution with factual arguments within the given time.

After the compilation of the semifinal round, the top six teams were selected for the final. The top  six teams are Team Basitos, Team Brainiac, Team Terminal Velocity, Team Blancos, Team Ambitious and Team The Last of Us. Only one of the last six teams will win the title of the champion on the upcoming final round which will be held at East West University premises on July 16. The winners will be awarded in the grand gala on the same day.

If we look at the sudden burst of brands, without much of a stretch, we could quickly identify a few brands, and the vast majority could not care less about.  Only a few brands positively impact our lives. This sort of events could help empower our future pioneers and help them to develop their creative abilities and change the eventual fate of brands that could improve people's life.

The writer is a student of East West University and she can be reached nabila.anzum17@gmail.com

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