Exchange programmes broaden perspectives about the world

Published: January 30, 2019 22:01:55 | Updated: February 02, 2019 19:57:01

The students of the exchange programme (extreme left, extreme right, and centre) with their labmasters Ulla Maija (second from left) and Janne Karjalainen (second from right)

Three students from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka secured the Erasmus+ Global Exchange Studentship for the spring semester, from January to May 2019, in the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, located in Oulu, Finland. Mohammad Sohrawardy, Khandaker Shameel Murtaz, and Arshia Haque from BBA 23rd batch were selected as recipients of the Erasmus+ Scholarship, which covers their academic and living costs in the winter wonderland of Finland. They are currently working with students from 16 countries from different parts of the world, says a press release.

The learning experience in Oulu University of Applied Sciences has so far been exciting for the three students. Talking about that, Arshia Haque said, "A key rule of learning in Oulu is to sit idle and think. They do not require us to find a solution as much as they want us to reflect on and somewhat even relish the problems at hand!"

Mohammad Sohrawardy said, "We are working on development projects and learning service design at the same time. I feel grateful for the rigorous training I had to go through in IBA; we found ourselves confident and comfortable working in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment."

All the three students plan to work hard and make the most of this experience. Khandaker Shameel Murtaz said, " Global exchange programmes, like the ones organised by Erasmus+, are crucial to broaden perspectives about the world out there and to be ideal global citizens."

In mid-November 2018, Dr. Melita Mehjabeen, associate professor and coordinator, IBA Career Centre and  ATM Jakaria Khan, assistant professor and moderator of IBA Communication Club, went to facilitate and oversee the processes under the Erasmus+ Teachers' Exchange Programme. They also received training from the lab masters there.

Professor Dr. Syed Ferhat Anwar, director of IBA, said, "In this globalised world, when we are having the Asian growth century, we need to learn from the past growth centres, and this scope of overseas internship provides this opportunity for the students of IBA."

 "IBA plans to extend this arrangement in the future for the next batches of students,” Professor Ferhat Anwar added.

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