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Arafatul Islam Akib | Published: December 05, 2018 22:35:25 | Updated: December 07, 2018 19:08:57

Speakers and entrepreneurs in one frame at the launching ceremony of Startup Talk Chattogram

With a growing number of startups in Bangladesh, it is essential that they are provided with proper guidelines, given knowledge about the existing and changing infrastructures, provided information about raising capital etc. One such organisation that plans to work for these startups and help them foster is Startup Talk Chattogram.

The story of Start Up Talk Chattogram

It was evident for the infant startup ecosystem of Bangladesh that most of the startups in rural areas did not get proper guidelines for their startup and had no idea about the many different opportunities, a team of few individuals decided to open a team and work for the small and medium scale startups.

Startup Talk Chattogram aims to create a profound impact on the entrepreneurs for their innovative thinking and take some innovative initiatives. It will cover all sub-districts and try to reach out to the underprivileged areas. The events organised by Startup Talk Chattogram will also bring youth delegates, who will act as the representatives of their areas and give news about the startups of those areas and their stories, prospects and challenges.

This organisation believes that it can discover new concepts to develop our Bangladesh. The experiences and abilities of the entrepreneurs will enhance and change their thinking pattern that will produce and encourage innovation in the market. Startup Talk Chattogram will make a secure network, build a bridge with them, will provide them with all kind of support to become entrepreneurs and a good citizen. This programme enhances their leadership and business quality.

Bangladesh has one of the youngest populations in the world, with more than half its population being below the age of twenty-five. The state is transitioning towards turning into a middle-income country by the year 2021. To develop an innovation-centred economy and sustain its exceptional growth, the government has undertaken a pioneering initiative to form a national entrepreneurship platform and its supporting system.

This effort can modify the state to grow quicker, produce new jobs, develop technical skills and notice the vision of digital Bangladesh. The investment can give the necessary capital to accelerate development and deliver the goods success. The fund is committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through a method that is clear and sustainable.

Recent events of Startup Talk Chattogram

Recently, the organisation launched a project called ‘Chattogram Star^Up’. Through this, the participants will propose a resolution to the government and other stakeholders.

Startup Talk Chattogram will provide all kinds of support using regional working units to all the new entrepreneurs. The team of Startup Talk Chattogram will work on all the issues, which any startup faces, and prepare the entrepreneurs for these challenges. In the future, this will work with the ICT Ministry and Youth Ministry, Investment firms, etc. on a broader scale.

Future plans of Start Up Talk Chattogram

Start Up Talk Chattogram aims to support technology-based innovation and create new employment opportunities. Besides, it will also arrange coaching, mentoring sessions and develop technical skills to aspiring entrepreneurs. Furthermore, Start Up Talk Chattogram plans to promote and present ideas of rural entrepreneurs to national and international investors.

Working with the startups

It is not that easy to work with a startup because here anyone involved has to face many problems and work hard to find sustainable marketable solutions for those problems. These are the challenges for the orgnanisers. So far Start Up Talk Chattogram have received a tremendous amount of support from the volunteers.

The writer is a founder of Start Up  Talk Chattogram. He can be reached at akib96am@gmail.com

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