Science lovers visit Eco-park

Tarek Aziz | Published: December 05, 2018 22:34:04 | Updated: December 07, 2018 14:40:16

The team members of Jahangirnagar University Science Club (JUSC) pose for a photo at the entrance of Botanical Garden and Eco-park, Sitakunda, Chattogram

Jahangirnagar University Science Club (JUSC) picked the Botanical Garden and Eco-park of Sitakunda, and Mahamaya lake of Mirsharai upazilla of Chattogram for its yearly tour of 2018 considering  biodiversity and enthralling natural beauty.  The one day and two night long 'Science Tour-2018' with the slogan 'Explore the countries, Reveal the mysteries' was designed with different types of amazing segments including FunBox, quiz and raffle draw.

On the mid-November night when the campus gets rolled round with foggy weather, the journey of science lovers was started from the central Shaheed Minar of Jahangirnagar University campus. Chasing fogs over the night, the scientifically minded people carrying bus reached Sitakunda Bazar at the down of November 16. A total of 50 science lovers went to observe the beauty of nature.

Taking breakfast the team went to the first eco-park of Bangladesh Sitakunda Botanical Garden and Eco-park. The convenor of the science tour Srabon Shahriar made four groups and placed a directional speech for easier connectivity and a better exploring experience.  The team started to hike the hill for seeing waterfalls and other key zones, fruit garden, and waterbodies of the spot.

After visiting the enthralling natural creation, the group went to another mind-blowing landscape Mahamaya lake situated in Mirsharai upazilla of Chattogram. Mahamaya lake is the second largest lake in Bangladesh after Kaptai lake. The mesmerising artificial lake is created on 11 square kilometer land. It, however, looks completely natural. The water body is passed through high green hills.

Exploring the lake the team of JUSC took a position on the bank of the lake and started a funny event with a box, 'FunBox', raffle draw and quick quiz. The fun box was made up of some funny character. The simple mechanism was about the fun box that whoever will get the fun box, he/she will have to play that funny character to win a prize. It was the most desired part of the tour. Completing raffle draw and quick quiz, the science lovers left for the campus at evening bagging some delightful memories.    

 'The tour was not only bounded within exploring and having like other traditional tour organised by department and other organisations. The experience of this tour was completely different. The tour was featured with different types of funny segments. Specially 'FunBox' made the tour distinct as well as my day', Shakil Islam Shohel, a first-year student of mathematics and a newly enrolled member of the science club, was reminiscing his enchanting experiences of the tour.

The writer is a student of Department of Chemistry, Jahangirnagar University, he can be reached at tarekju45@yahoo.com

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