Frenchwoman comes under Lalon’s spell, settles in Kushtia

Published: October 18, 2018 13:07:47 | Updated: October 20, 2018 14:34:31

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Deborah Cukirman, a Frenchwoman who has transformed herself into a devotee of mystic legend Lalon Fakir and started living in Doulatpur upazila of Kushtia district.

Deborah, a translator and a former French Yoga teacher, is known as Deborah Zannat.

She came to Bangladesh in February, 2016 for researching the life and philosophy of the Baul legend, Fakir Lalon Shah, and got intrigued by his life.

Deborah returned to France, but failed to stay there and came back to Bangladesh. She admits that nothing now can quench her tranquil as she finds peace here.

She took the discipleship of renowned Baul Fakir Nahir Shaha and started to live here.

Deborah was also seen at the three-day Lalon Festival with other devotees on Lalon Shah shrine at Chheuria in Kumarkhali upazila. At the 128th death anniversary of Lalon, she said, "I came here for researching the life of the philosophy of Fakir Lalon Shah in 2016 and fell in love with Lalon Saiji. At first I did not know how to speak Bengali, without knowing the language I started to live under the guardianship of my guru."

Deborah got married to Rajon, a pupil of Nahir Shaha few days ago as per the directives of the guru.

Fakir Nahir Shaha, said "Deborah came to Bangladesh two years ago and I know her through a journalist. We had a discussion over Lalon philosophy and she expressed solidarity with the philosophy of Lalon. I advised her to learn Bengali and after that started to give her lessons."

On Tuesday, a three-day Lalon festival kicked off at Lalon Akhra of Cheuria village to honour the legendary mystic bard Baul king Lalon Shah, UNB reported.

Lalon Shah was a Bengali baul, mystic, songwriter, social reformer and secular thinker. He is an icon of religious tolerance and secularism in Bengali culture.

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