Dope test must for govt job

Munima Sultana | Published: October 22, 2018 10:05:16 | Updated: November 30, 2018 18:52:36

A representational photo: Reuters/Files

From now on, a candidate selected for a government job must undergo a dope test alongside regular health check-up to the done by a medical board.

This new guideline will apply to the entrants to government jobs of all types and categories.

Home ministry has made the move to make the public service free from the scourge of drugs by directing to include dope test in the regular health check-up.

It has already sent letters to various public agencies for mandatory dope tests before a candidate's joining a government job.

Currently, a medical board, formed by the Director General (DG) of Health Directorate, does health tests on the would-be public servants after their selection.

In special cases, a medical officer recommended by the DG can also certify the fitness of a job seeker.

The tests are done to ensure that the chosen candidates are fit for their respective posts and do not have any disability to perform their duties.

Sources said the ministry's directive is linked with an alarming rise of drug addiction in the country.

It is alleged that despite a section of public servants is found addicted at different stages, the authorities have no rule to dismiss them from the services.

More than a million government officials have been working in different ministries and agencies after being selected through the Public Service Commission (PSC).

In recent months, the government has launched a countrywide drive to check drug dealing for the growing number of addicts.

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