Legal action against agencies failing to send hajj pilgrims

Published: June 21, 2018 19:07:43 | Updated: June 22, 2018 15:57:38

The Religious Affairs Ministry will take legal action against those hajj agencies who fail to send pilgrims to Saudi Arabia this year for not buying air ticket in due time.

The ministry issued an urgent notice for the hajj agencies and asked them to buy air ticket for their intending pilgrims from Biman Bangladesh airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines as per hajj flight schedule for 2018 immediately.

After buying the air tickets, the notice directed the agencies to submit passports of the hajj pilgrims at Dhaka Hajj Office for availing the Saudi Arabian visa.

The notice also asked the hajj agencies to acknowledge the Dhaka Hajj Office after buying air tickets and submitting passports of hajj pilgrims for availing Saudi visa.

It warned that if the agencies fail to send their pilgrims through scheduled hajj flights, it won’t be possible to get additional slots from the Saudi Airlines at any means this year.

“So, if any pilgrims will fail to go to Saudi Arabia due to irresponsibility of hajj agencies, legal action to be taken against those liable hajj agencies,” the notice said.

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