Teachers suspend MPO enrolment movement for one month

FE Online Report | Published: March 24, 2019 18:41:18 | Updated: March 25, 2019 10:37:30

The teachers and employees under non-Monthly Pay Order (MPO) scheme has suspended movement on Sunday afternoon for a month upon assurance from the government of meeting their demand for MPO enlistment.

Non-MPO Educational Institutions Teachers and the Employees' Federation, staging their sit-in programme for fifth consecutive day in front of city’s press club, came up with the announcement.

Education minister and secretary met the agitating teachers around 3:30pm and requested them to call off their demonstration with assurance that the government is considering their demand with due procedure.

It would take one to two months for the MPO enrolment process to complete and it would be included in the next fiscal year’s budget, the agitating teacher federation president Principle Golam Mahmudunnabi Dollar said quoting the education minister.

He added that agitating teachers and employees suspended their demonstration for one month upon assurance from the government representatives after 5:00pm.

“If our demand is not met by one month, we will go for tougher movement,” he added.       



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