Couple exchange vows in bathroom

FE Online Desk | Published: February 02, 2018 20:48:22 | Updated: February 03, 2018 15:36:52

A New Jersey couple exchanged vows between toilet stalls and hand towels in a bizarre wedding ceremony.

Brian Schulz, 26, and Maria Schulz, 21, of Ocean Township, tied the knot in a ladies’ room at the Monmouth County Courthouse on Jan. 2 because it was the only way the groom’s mom could witness the vows.

“We were sitting outside of the court room and waiting to go in and my mom gives me a call and says she’s having trouble breathing,” Brian told The New York Post on Thursday.

“She really couldn’t talk at all. I could just tell something was wrong, so I just got up and I ran and started looking for her.”

He found her in the bathroom at the Freehold courthouse.

“She was not looking well. Her face was very pale, and she was profusely sweating.”

The groom ran off for help, leaving his fiancée, best friend and soon-to-be mother-in-law wondering where he went.

“They started to get a little worried that maybe I got cold feet and ran away!” Brian said.

While Monmouth County Sheriff’s officers tended to Brian’s mom and gave her oxygen, one of the cops, Leonard Maxfield, reminded Brian what he was in the courthouse to do.

“Did you tell the judge what was going on?” Maxfield asked, according to Brian.

Maxfield proposed the bathroom nuptials to the judge.

“The couple was clearly upset about the mom and having to postpone their wedding in which they would have to wait another 45 days for a new marriage license to be processed,” Cynthia Scott, the public-information officer for the county sheriff’s office, wrote on Facebook.

Judge Katie Gummer agreed to the venue change and presided over the unusual ceremony.

“It’s something between myself, my wife and God. Those are the three entities that need to be involved, and everything else is second”, Brian said.

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