Indian tea seller couple globetrotting

FE Online Desk | Published: January 15, 2018 13:53:12 | Updated: January 17, 2018 12:14:01

While a million of people around the world quit their passions every day, an elderly couple from Indian state of Kerala has set a new example.

Rather than losing in the hands of circumstances, they showed the gut to give up everything only for the cause of their passion.

In order to meet the expenses of travelling, the couple borrowed from banks and went through hard times in repaying them.

But despite all the odds, this travel- enthusiastic couple wouldn’t lose to the conditions and always responds to their inner voice.

Vijayan K R, 67, along with his better half, Mohana, 65, has travelled to some of the most desirable destinations around the globe over the last few decades.

They have recently visited Dubai in an all-expense-paid trip, reports the gulf news.

This is the second time the owners of a small tea stall named ‘Sree Balaji Coffee House’ in Kochi in the south Indian state — set foot on the UAE soil.

Their last visit in 2008 was just a stopover on their way back home after an 18-day trip to four countries–Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Palestine.

Ten years later, the elderly couple's wish to visit Burj Khalifa and other places in Dubai was fulfilled with the sponsorship from Rashid Abbas, managing director, international operations of Arooha Tours.

'Miracle City'

Before heading to the airport to catch their flight back home on Sunday, Vijayan and Mohana said the wonderful city has totally bowled them over.

“This is a miracle city,” Vijayan said.

“Dubai wasn’t developed this much last time when we came. But we couldn’t go for any sightseeing then. We didn’t have any money left with us.”

He said it was a surprise offer from Arooha Travels to visit the city.

The couple, who has been selling tea and snacks for 40 years, said they started travelling abroad only after they got their two daughters –Sashikala and Usha –married. Before that, they visited various places across India.

17 countries and counting

After every trip overseas, they would work hard to save the money for their next trip. They have visited 17 countries, excluding the UAE, and seen five of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Their visit to their dream destination, the USA, was sponsored through a crowd funding campaign following media reports in which they expressed their desire to see America.

A short documentary film, Invisible Wings, which captured their undying passion for travelling and how they fulfil their dreams by working hard, has won many awards.

Vijayan considers his wife as his greatest strength and Mohana considers getting a husband bitten by the travel bug as her biggest blessing.

Where to next?

Their next destination is China later this year. But the trip of their lifetime would be a polar expedition to Antarctica.

“I want to go to the southern point of the earth and look north. That will be the real trip of a lifetime,” said Vijayan.

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