Man suffers injury after 95 kg boy jumps on him

FE Online Desk | Published: January 21, 2018 18:35:45 | Updated: January 23, 2018 13:40:59

A British man suffered neck injury after a boy weighing over 95 kg jumped on as he came down a water slide while on holiday in Spain.

Graham Hyde, 44, was emerging from a water chute in a swimming pool in Alegria Pineda Splash Hotel in Pineda de Mar in Barcelona, Spain, and the boy jumped into the pool exactly the same moment.

The boy landed on top of Graham, thrusting him underwater and causing him grievous neck injury.

The incident was recorded by Graham's wife Joanne, 39, who were in Spain to celebrate their wedding anniversary with daughter Grave, 8.

Graham filed a personal injury claim against travel firm Jet2holidays after he had to spend his £1,800 worth holiday with his family in a neck brace.

Graham was taken to hospital and diagnosed with 'cervical neck concussion' following pain in his subscapularis, large muscle located under the shoulder-joint and the trapezius muscle, one of the major muscles used for moving, rotating and extending the head at the neck.

He still suffers with pain and stiffness despite having physiotherapy. "I saw something massive coming towards me and only realised later that it was a young lad and he literally landed with his backside on my head," Graham was quoted.

"I heard a massive crunch and can honestly say I thought my neck had snapped. The impact had such force, I was rotated 360 degrees underwater," he added, reports Khaleej Times.

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