McDonald's to offer burgers with fresh beef in US restaurants

Published: March 07, 2018 12:33:48 | Updated: March 09, 2018 19:35:29

McDonald's product is pictured in a restaurant in Washington, July 23, 2010. - Reuters file photo

Fast food chain McDonald's has started offering fresh beef in burgers sold at its US restaurants.

McDonald's is looking to improve food quality and ward off competition from premium burger chains.

Burgers containing fresh beef instead of frozen patties will be sold at most of the chain's 14,000 US restaurants by the end of June, according to a BBC reports Wednesday.

McDonald's UK business said: "We will watch what happens in the US and see if this innovation is something we should consider in the UK."

"Our patties are made from 100% British and Irish beef with nothing added aside from a little salt and pepper after cooking."

McDonald's UK said that its beef patties were still cooked from frozen in its restaurants using "a process perfected over decades".

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