‘Rent A Boyfriend’ app crashes after hardcore response

Published: August 31, 2018 19:25:10 | Updated: September 03, 2018 16:15:58

The ‘Rent A Boyfriend’ app claimed that in the past 48 hours its servers crashed due to the “hardcore” response evinced by people and they have become the No. 1 trending app on Google play store.

The indian dating app said this on its Pink-themed website. The message also read that the app’s “boyfriends” are working overtime to solve the problem.

The Rent A Boyfriend (RABF) app is the brainchild of Mumbai-based 29-year-old Kaushal Prakash, according to Indian media reports.

On August 15, Kaushal offered the dating app services in Mumbai and Pune in an attempt to give India freedom from mental illness by offering up boyfriends on rent.

The app’s purpose is not so much romantic as it is to help people overcome their feelings of isolation, Prakash said.

‘Get freedom from sadness, depression, loneliness this Independence Day’, Rent a Boyfriend’s Instagram boasts.

According to app founder, renting a companion can take you from mentally ill to cured in no time. Actual medical science be damned.

There are three categories of boyfriends to rent from, all selected by the app team via online auditions:

  • The celebrity boyfriends, who can be rented for Rs 3,000 per hour
  • The model boyfriends who can be rented for Rs 2,000
  • The average, everyday men who can be rented for up to Rs 400 per hour.

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