Turning down Tk 500,000 for honesty

Published: February 12, 2019 12:17:34 | Updated: February 17, 2019 17:15:19

Sarwar Jahan, a bank official deposits the bag at the Fatullah Model Police Station to find out the owner of the money. Photo: Courtesy

A bank official found a bag containing almost a million taka on Monday evening in a CNG auto-rickshaw and turned it over to the police so that they could return it to its original owner.

Sarwar Jahan, junior officer of UCB Bank's Narayanganj branch and son of Abdul Quader of Paikpara in the city, found the bag on his way home from work.

Talking to reporters, Sarwar said after completing office hours, he set out for home from Shyampur in the evening and found the bag with the money and a passport photocopy.

The CNG driver knew nothing about the bag in his auto-rickshaw. He decided to return the money to the authentic owner of the bag who had lost his money in the auto-rickshaw unfortunately.

Later, he deposited the bag at the Fatullah Model Police Station to find out the owner of the money, he added.

Fatullah Model Police Station Officer-in-charge SM Manjur Quader said the bag contains about Tk 0.4 million to 0.5 million. Being an honest man Sarwar Jahan sibmitted the bag at the police station, according to UNB.

Observing the contents of the bag, it seemed that the owner may have been looking to deposit it or withdrawn the money ahead of going abroad but unfortunately left his bag in the CNG auto-rickshaw.

A general diary was filed with the police station mentioning the name of Sarwar Jahan and the CNG driver. Police will start publishing notices through various media including social media Facebook to find the authentic owner and return the money, the OC added.

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