Women help to propel boom beauty makeover industry in BD

Published: February 01, 2018 17:27:03

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Female beauticians and cosmetologists are no more a new concept in Bangladesh. An increasing section of middle-class women in the country now consider beauty and wellness a necessity.

This is made possible with thousands of independent-minded women joining in the sector with their own ventures, making beauty services affordable for the commoners.

Almost in every hook and corner of Bangladesh capital Dhaka one will now easily find a woman-run salon full of customers even on normal days.

It is a flourishing business in the country's service sector. There are no official data regarding the exact number of salons run by women specially but sector insiders estimate thousands of makeover studios only in Dhaka.

New standards of beauty are emerging with well-educated women joining who also inspire tens of thousands of girls with lucrativeness wages.

"I think as a career this (sector) is the best now for women specially. Makeup artists are no more working behind the stage. Makeup artists are now coming to the front lights", Sabiha Rakib Beauty Canvas.

Make-up artists are in huge demand both at home and abroad, she said, adding "I think they have the opportunity to develop their career in this sector", she added.

I can tell from my experiences that girls can easily come to this profession where they can build their career, she told, reports Xinhua.

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