Lane for bikers on Cox’s Bazar beach

FHM Humayan Kabir | Published: August 20, 2018 10:32:10 | Updated: August 21, 2018 11:53:40

Photo collected from YouTube

The government will build a walkway and a bicycle lane across the Cox's Bazar beach to make it more attractive for tourists, officials said.

Officials said the Bangladesh Army and the Roads and Highways Department (RHD) will construct the pathways on the world's longest natural sea beach.

To this end, the RHD recently sent a proposal to the Planning Commission (PC) for the development project at an estimated cost of Tk 465 million.

On behalf of the RHD, the army has set a target to build both the lane and the walkway by December 2019.

The causeways will be constructed from Kolatoli point to Laboni point on the 120km unbroken sandy beach.

Cox's Bazar has the bounties to turn into a tropical paradise for local and foreign visitors alike.

But the sleepy beach town is yet to be fully explored for its poor infrastructure and modern facilities.

It does not have either a separate lane for cyclists or a walkway for backpackers and adventure-seekers.

"We see separate walkways and cycle lanes in developed countries. Separate lanes in Cox's Bazar will offer tourists better facilities," said an RHD official.

The tourists will be able to enjoy the beauty of the sea beach through cycling around the coast, he added.

"We hope the proposed lane will woo tourists to visit the world's largest sea beach," the official stated.

Under the scheme, he said, modern bathrooms, toilets and seating arrangements for sightseers and cyclists will also be ensured.

The project will virtually beautify the beach, thus making it a holiday destination for global tourists, the official told the FE.

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