Thrust on greater insights on emerging supply chain management practices

FE Online Desk | Published: July 11, 2018 12:35:21 | Updated: July 12, 2018 12:53:34

Bangladesh Supply Chain Management Society (BSCMS), the biggest association of supply chain professionals and leaders in the country recently organised a round table seminar titled ‘Road to Supply Chain Excellence’ in the city, said a statement.

The main objective of this round table conference was to bring together all the stakeholders towards exploring potential scopes of Supply Chain Management.

The roundtable has provided the participants with greater insights on emerging Supply Chain Management practices implemented in Bangladesh as well as those considered as global best practices.

The panellists included Mr. Mominul Islam, Managing Director and CEO, IPDC Finance Limited; Rizwan Dawood Shams, Deputy Managing Director, IPDC Finance Limited with other high officials; Mr. Naquib Khan, Director of Corporate affairs of Nestle Bangladesh Limited and President of Bangladesh Supply Chain Management Society; Prof. Imran Rahman, Special Advisor to Board of Trustees, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

Ejazur Rahman, CEO-Asia, International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA) was the moderator of the conference.

“Recognition is crucial at all spheres; hence we believe corporates, academicians and media shall act responsibly to acknowledge in order to motivate the best practices from time to time," he said in his keynote speech.

Mominul Islam, Managing Director and CEO of IPDC Finance Limited said, “to create a holistic supply chain financing eco-system in Bangladesh, organisation has a pivotal role by means of collaboration. A comprehensive digital supply chain financing solution like Orjon shall be in place to address the issue.’’

Naquib Khan, Director of Corporate affairs of Nestle Bangladesh Limited said, “BSCMS shall be the hub to collect, recognise and disseminate the best practices in Supply Chain Management across the business entities. We believe such practices will bring deserving cases forward for Bangladesh Supply Chain Excellence Award every year.”

Prof. Imran Ahmed said, ‘Students of our country need to get the opportunity to learn more detailed knowledge on Supply Chain Management. As companies have a good demand on this field many universities are starting courses on Supply Chain Management.’’

‘’Many developed countries including our neighbouring country India started to highlight Supply Chain Management. Our Government can take further initiative to include supply chain at national level,’’ Business Editor of The Daily Star Sajjadur Rahman said.

The speakers said supply chain management has a great opportunity to use in product or service distribution management. Collaborative approach on this matter can be beneficial for country.



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