HR in banking profession

S. M. Waliullah Hossain | Published: October 19, 2018 20:01:45

The position of a management trainee/probationary officer in a bank is fairly lucrative among the fresh graduates in view of the career growth, remuneration package, etc. To create capable and mission-critical future leaders, The Human Resources Division (HRD) of a bank produces the Management Trainees/Probationary Officers (MT/PO) through different phases of assessment tests. Apart from that position, there are some other fresh positions which are not like MT/PO where the HRD of a bank designs specific assessment tests to recruit them considering the business needs and growth of their respective banks.

However, appointment of non-qualified persons in different positions of a bank sometimes creates the situation like the bull in a china shop. Such appointments only exacerbate the working culture and future growth of the bank as well. It also saps the morale of the newly-recruited young officers who toiled hard to get a job in a bank at the cost of his/her parents' huge investments.

Sometimes with the full support of the top management of a bank, the HRD tries to solve the issue.

Most of the banks in the industry recruit young HR professionals who have proper educational background and experiences. These young HR professionals are trying hard to establish corporate governance in the industry through their knowledge, intelligence and dedication. However, in Bangladesh most of the HR-related decisions are mainly taken by the central management.

Last but not the least, today's saturated banking industry needs infusion of fresh blood to excel in every sphere with the support of the HRD being imbued with corporate governance ethos, otherwise the banks will face disastrous consequences.

S. M. Waliullah Hossain is an HR professional.

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