Costa Rica seizes two tons of cocaine from 'low-profile' boat

Published: August 03, 2018 13:15:22 | Updated: August 05, 2018 10:40:06

Law enforcers in Costa Rica recovered two tons of cocaine from a low-profile boat, a kind of boat frequently used by drug traffickers because they are difficult to detect by radar, in the Pacific Ocean.

The law enforcement officials said on Thursday they had found about 2,000 packets of cocaine of about 1 kg (2.2 pounds) each, one of the biggest drug confiscations made at the sea.

Acting on a tip off from the US Coast Guard on Wednesday, the elite force began an operation in the sea, about 80 nautical miles off the coast, and recovered the haul from a four-motor boat.

The Costa Rican coast guard service and drug control police said three Colombian men were arrested and remain in custody in Costa Rica, reports Reuters.

“The joint work between the authorities of the United States and the national police is yielding good results in the fight against international drug-trafficking, which has permitted us to seize more than 17 tons of drugs this year,” said Costa Rican Security Minister Michael Soto.

Within that total, 6.7 tons of drugs have been seized in the past 10 days. 

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