Bangladesh now 39th most valuable nation brand

FE Online Desk | Published: October 23, 2018 19:33:05 | Updated: November 04, 2018 21:35:06

Bangladesh has moved up by five notches this year and ranked 39th out of 100 valuable nation brands in the Nation Brands 2018 report.

The report, published by London-based Brand Finance recently, says the nation brand value of the country reached $257 billion in the current year.

In 2017, Bangladesh was ranked 44th in the Nation Brands 2017 and its brand value was worth $208 billion.

Thus, Bangladesh's nation brand value has increased by 24 per cent in a year.

India ranked 9th in this report, moving down one notch considering its position of previous year, having brand value worth $2159 billion.

According to the report, the brand value of Bangladesh is much higher than that of Pakistan. The South Asian country slipped one place down to 51st in the latest ranking.

In 2011, Pakistan's country brand value was worth $54 billion, while that of Bangladesh was $47 billion. But in the next seven years, Bangladesh overtook Pakistan in a wide margin.

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