BUTEXDC National Debate Fest 2022 starts tomorrow

FE YOUTH DESK | Published: September 22, 2022 00:39:40 | Updated: November 02, 2022 19:41:59

Members of Bangladesh University of Textiles Debating Club (BUTEXDC) pose for a photograph

Bangladesh University of Textiles Debating Club (BUTEXDC) has become one of the most formidable and successful clubs in the present debate circuit. Annual National Debate Fest 2022 will start from September 23 to October 01, consisting of English British parliamentary debate, and Bangla parliamentary debate at school, college, and university levels.
The flagship event of the club will last for five days. Also, for the first time, BUTEXDC has decided to launch the English British Parliamentary debate as part of the event with the name "English Nationals: Entwine 1.0". The entire event will bear the spirit of freedom at its core.
The English British Parliamentary Debate will be on the first two days of the event, September 23 and 24. With a tab system in place, the Bangla Asian Parliamentary Debate at the school-college level will start on September 24. The university level of the Bangla Parliamentary debate will kick off on September 30. Both the events on September 24 and 30 will take place till the quarter finals. The semifinals and finals of the school-college and university level will take place on the last day of the event, October 01.
BUTEXDC has been consistently making a name for itself in the big stages. BUTEXDC has won almost 20 champion trophies along with more than 15 runners-up trophies. Also in every tournament, came a lot of personal achievements. Top speaker break and top adjudicator break have been common scenarios for the club. Recently ‘BUTEXDC Bunon’, the debate team from BUTEX, won the First National TV Debate Competition organised by BTV, Chittagong Centre.
After making itself known in Bangla debating circuit, for the first time, BUTEXDC is organising its flagship English Tournament. The festival promises to be one full of great ideas, productive arguments, and a celebration of free thinking. The adjudicator panel is full of renowned and inspiring personnel. The buzz on the campus regarding the fest is through the roof. It can be expected that BUTEXDC National Debate Fest 2022 will live up to its expectations.

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