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JU to take 3 measures to prevent ragging, CCTV camera in front of 'Gono-room'

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Vice-Chancellor of Jahangirnagar University (JU), Prof. Nurul Alam has asked to take three measures including the installation of CCTV cameras in front of Gonorooms to prevent ragging.

"We have a role to play in three areas," he said at an exchange of views on preventing ragging at the University's Senate Hall on Sunday (May 22). 

“First of all, I urge the provosts to form a committee as soon as possible to monitor the ragging that happens at night. CCTV cameras should be set up in front of the rooms where the first-year students will be staying. This will make it easier to identify anyone who tries ragging.” 

“Second, the department heads will arrange an introductory session with the seniors before the classes start tomorrow so that the seniors do not pressure newcomers to get acquainted later.” 

“Third, another area of ​​ragging is the open spaces of seven hundred acres. That is why I am requesting the proctorial team and security guards to increase their vigilance,” added the Vice-chancellor.

He added, "Students are requested to refrain from ragging newcomers. We will not hesitate to take disciplinary action against them"

The meeting was chaired by Vice-chancellor Prof. Nurul Alam. Deans, Hall Provosts, teachers, Proctors, leaders of cultural and political organisations and journalists of the university addressed the meeting and put their advice on the prevention of ragging.

Provost Committee Chairman Prof. Mohammad Mujibur Rahman at the meeting said, “The provosts of the halls are constantly going to the students to find out their problems. This trend will continue. If there is any incident of ragging with anyone, I am requesting to inform the provost directly. We will take maximum action."

Acting Proctor of the University A S M Feroz-Ul-Hasan said, "The proctorial team is always active in the matter of ragging. We will take strict action if any allegation related to ragging is proved. In this case, the student organisations will have the expectation to cooperate with us.”

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