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Mental health session to help connect with your mind

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Mindspace, a mental health organisation to hold an event on mental health issues, ‘Mind's Hour’ – sponsored by Doreen Power Generations and System Ltd. and Professional Associates Ltd., on July 30, 2022, at Midas Center, Dhanmondi. 

The day-long event will focus on introducing the concept of mental healthcare on a daily basis. The event will begin with a workshop instructed by Sumaia Azmi, Founder and Psychologist of Nirvana, on the aspects of emotional regulations. 

The session will provide insights on regular emotion management and its impact on one's daily life. Through exciting games and activities, Mindspace plans to deliver the concept of ‘The Hour For You’ among the participants. The event will end with an entertainment section, graced by a guest speaker and open mic segments. 

Mindspace is a mental health organisation that started its journey in 2021, aiming to create mental health awareness through informative posts, media personality-induced campaigns, podcasts and events. They also give a free-of-cost psychological crisis hotline service ‘Vent by Mindspace.’ 

‘Mind's Hour’ event has been launched on Facebook. People aged 17 to 35 can participate in the event by registering on their Facebook page.

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