Bangladeshi film wins an award at Cannes World Film Festival

Md Zahidur Rabbi | Published: September 27, 2021 17:55:53 | Updated: September 30, 2021 13:35:42

Bangladeshi film wins an award at Cannes World Film Festival

Bangladeshi animated film ‘Tomorrow' has won the award for Best Animation Film for the month of August 2021 at Cannes World Film Festival.

With the victory, ‘Tomorrow' has now qualified to compete in the festival's Final Event.

The festival, which is not to be confused with the ‘Cannes Film Festival,' is known for finding rare gems and showcasing a new generation of developing talent as well as a new generation of filmmakers.

The film is about 6-year-old Ratul Hasan who resides in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Ratul envisions two possible futures for his country and the planet during a nightly magical adventure with ‘the Old Man of the Winds,’ one dark and the other bright.

Later, the film addresses climate issues and talks about possible solutions.

Tomorrow, directed by Mohammad Shihab Uddin, is an animated short film of 25 minutes 51 seconds. Between 2017 and 2019, Cycore Studios- a Dhaka based 3D animation studio, worked on the film. Kazi Media limited (Deepto TV) produced the film.

The film had its world premiere on Deepto TV’s YouTube channel on 21st December 2019.

The film has been dubbed into English and Hindi/Urdu from Bangla which are also available on YouTube. The creators plan to release the film in other major languages, including French, Indonesian, Dutch, Arabic and Spanish.

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