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480,000 people die annually in the country from non-communicable diseases

| Updated: June 04, 2019 15:55:47

480,000 die from non-communicable diseases in BD annually

As many as 480,000 people die annually in the country from non-communicable diseases (NCDs), a study has found.

Major NCDs include diabetes, kidney failure, stroke, heart attack and cancer.

Over 8.0 per cent of the population has diabetes while 25 per cent has hypertension and 28 per cent has high cholesterol in Bangladesh, according to the report.

The study titled ‘Non Communicable Disease: Risk Factor Study 2018’ was conducted by National Institute of Prevalence and Social Medicine (NIPSOM) under health ministry supported by World Health Organisation (WHO).

The study also said that 15.5 per cent people are in risk of contracting cardiovascular disease within the next 10 years.

The six risk factors are – hypertension, high blood cholesterol, over weight and obesity, inadequate physical exercise, intake of less than five unit of fruits daily and regular smoking.

NIPSOM director Professor Baizid Khoorshid Riaz presented the survey findings at a press conference organized at the health ministry in the capital on Wednesday.

Health minister Zahid Maleque said it is alarming that 90 per cent of the population never undergo a blood test to check sugar level.  Otherwise, the prevalence of diabetes would be higher than that of present 8.0 per cent, he added.

Besides, 94 per cent people never go for blood test to check the cholesterol level, said the minister.

The minister suggested that people should eat adequate amount of fruits and vegetables, do exercise, avoid smoking and take medicine regularly to keep blood sugar, cholesterol and hypertension under control and prevent NCDs.




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