‘China could play key role in Rohingya repatriation'

FE Online Report | Published: June 16, 2019 19:29:21 | Updated: June 17, 2019 09:54:01

Deputy speaker of the parliament Fazle Rabbi Miah has said Bangladesh needs China’s support on global platforms, including the UN to create a conducive environment for the Rohingyas to return to their homeland.

“Long-term stay of the Rohingya people in Bangladesh is creating an extremely difficult situation for both the Rohingya community and the country,” he said, adding that Bangladesh has continued to engage bilaterally with Myanmar in good faith, but it has not reciprocated in the same spirit.

In this regard, friends like China could play a key role in facilitating discussions between the two countries.

Fazle Rabbi Miah was speaking as one of the chief guests at the 'China-Bangladesh Friends of Silk Road Club and The Silk Road Community Building Initiative in Bangladesh' launching ceremony at a city hotel on Sunday.

Chairman of Bangladesh-China Silk Road Forum Mr Dilip Barua chaired the inaugural session, while vice chairman of People's Congress of China Mr Ji Bing Xuan attended the programme as the other chief guest.

"We want peace in the region so that we can concentrate on socio-economic development. As peace loving countries, both China and Bangladesh can work together to promote mutual understanding and harmony in the region,” said the deputy speaker. 

Welcoming the Bangladesh-China Silk Road Forum, Fazle Rabbi said that it has been established at a moment when there is a lot to achieve.

“Our diplomatic motto of ‘Friendship to all, malice to none’ and President Xi Jinping’s thought on diplomacy have provided new opportunities for win-win cooperation for the two countries,” he added.

Secretary General of the China-Bangladesh Silk Road Forum Mr Shahiduzzaman Khan said if the Belt and Road Initiative is implemented successfully it will give China more confidence in reshaping the world order. As a result, the balance of technology and growth will drift gradually towards Asia from Europe.

Mr Khan also said that Bangladesh is a key maritime nation in an important geo-strategic location along the BRI route. Mega project like BRI will obviously face challenges and limitations.

There is need for efficient and effective management of infrastructure to oversee and closely monitor its progress with effective communication and strategic plans, he added.  

Former information minister Hasanul Haque Inu said this era of globalisation is different from the internationalisation and imperialism of the past.

He called upon Chinese authorities and other countries to follow international standard while reshaping the new world order. 



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