Commercial hog plum cultivation gains popularity in districts

Our Correspondent | Published: September 02, 2018 21:52:12

NATORE, Sep 02: Commercial hog plum cultivation has brought smile on the faces of hundreds of peasants in the district this season.

Sources said hog plum farming is gaining popularity among the farmers for high market demand.

A good number of peasants have attained financial solvency by growing the popular fruit across the district.

The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) official sources said many farmers are bringing new land under hog plum cultivation for high profit.

Growers can harvest the fruit after two years of its plantation, DAE sources said.

Cultivators can plant the saplings of the fruit beside ponds, homestead of other arable land investing trifling money.

But, growers can make a good profit every season from the fruit.

In a recent visit this correspondent found each kg of hog plum is being sold at Tk 40 to Tk 50 in the retail market while between Tk 35 and Tk 38 is the wholesale rate.

Traders transport a good quality of hog plum to Dhaka and other areas across the country.

Farmers need to plant the saplings in five feet distance, said sub-assistance agriculture officer of DAE Abul Bashar.

Both the chemical and organic fertilsers can be helpful for the fruit cultivation.

Deputy Director of DAE Rafiqul Islam said, "We have provided logistic support among the farmer to make hog plum cultivation a success."

Growers should expand the production for more profit, he added.

Our Tangail correspondent adds: Hog plum growers of the district are making a good profit this season due to high market demand.

The fruit is being sold at Tk 40 to Tk 60 per kg in the local kitchen markets.

The DAE sources said famers in the area are showing their interest to grow the fruit on commercial basis.

Sub-assistant agriculture officer of DAE, Tangail, Nargis Akhter said hog plum cultivation is profitable than other fruits.

It requires low production cost. The trees do not even need any extra care. It can be grown all types of land, he added.

Hasan Miah of village Araidona said, "I have got 3.5 maunds of hog plum production this year and sold the produce at Tk 5,500 in the local kitchen market.

The grower said he expects to earn Tk 5,000 more this season.

Trader Nazrul Islam of Park Moydan Bazar in the district town one kg of hog plum is being sold at Tk 50 to Tk 60.

DAE office sources said they expect some 500 tonnes of hog plum production in the district this season.

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