Over 40 families earn solvency by making Chinni-pitha

Our Correspondent | Published: October 11, 2017 00:45:41 | Updated: October 24, 2017 07:34:48

A girl is waiting for customers at Dhaphat in Dupchanchia municipal area of Bogra. The snap was taken on Tuesday. — FE Photo

BOGRA, Oct 10:  More than 40 extreme-poor families have attained financial solvency through making Chinni-pitha, hard but tasty food item, from last decade under Dupchanchia upazila of Bogra district. 

The distressed families, struggled with poverty for long, have attained economic stability and brought a revolutionary change by adopting the money-making activities through their own initiatives.

The artisans of the food item prepare them with crushing rice with moderate salt, turmeric, chili and spice. After mingling the commodities, they are to burn the pith a with sharp fire in the hearth minimum two-three hour slightly.

In a visit on Thursday at Dhaphat nearby Dupchanchia municipality the correspondent found the customers are gathering in front of makeshifts to purchase the food item for their family members. The shopkeepers of the pitha are passing busy time to provide quantitatively to the customers.

"I have brought financial solvency by dint of running the trading taking primary training from my family," said makeshift Humaira Khatun, 14, under the upazila. "I gained adequate mental strength as I now earn a small amount of money from the business." she added.

Alora Begum, 50, under Kahaloo upazila said she is leading a happy family life in a tin-shed house with her feeble husband, leaving behind a life full of hardship. He affords to educate his two daughters from the income of the business, she added.

The wholesaler Rafiqul Islam, 45, at Bolodmara village said, he purchases the food item from the artisans with Tk 60 to 65 each kg according to taste and sell them to the retailers from Tk 70 to 75. To prepare one kg of pitha the artisans are to spend Tk 40-45, he added.

Municipality Mayor of Dupchanchia Belal Hossain said, to expand the small cottage, the authority concern should come forward to speed the business immediately. Besides, they have been provided easy term small loan facilities as soon as possible, he added.


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